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Brand Core Media, Ahmedabad based web design company stands out in creating an auction website design that performs for various customers with multiple auction systems. We at Brand Core Media understand the challenges companies meet when they plan to prepare a site for online auction. And based on that requirement, we create a solution that needed for achieving target performance.
Auction Website Design
Auction Website Design

Over the past decade websites like eBay and Amazon have used the process of online auction to turn the trend as practical business process. Other companies around the world from different verticals and of every dimension have applied the same fundamental of online auction with variables to create an additional revenue generation option.

Creating and maintaining online auction website design is however not the child’s play. There are various options available for allowing online bid like lowest unique, highest unique, time based auction and live auction.  The complications of the auction web development are such high and critical that you need web design expert with quality knowledge of Internet marketing. Brand Core Media, an web design Ahmedabad specializes in creating auction website design that performs for various clients internationally. There are few auction solutions that people use these days for allowing online auction or bid. Our auction web design solutions are mentioned below. 

- Lowest Unique Bid:  It is a method of auction where the unique option based on the lowest amount of figure wins the auction. 

- Highest Unique Bid: It is a method of auction where the unique option based on the highest amount of figure wins the auction.

- Live Bidding: Live bidding website is best explained as a website where the amount of bid is briefly time bound so that the winner is mainly depends on it’s bidding period. It also allows bidder to change or not to change their bid based on the competition on live. 


- Ask visitors to pay before participating to online auction. Administrator can setup membership package where he or she can collect charges from visitors to submit their value for auction. 

- Email alerts for quick communication. Our auction web design CMS comes with built in Email manager that allows alert for bidding like ending duration for bidding or out-bidding. 

- Registration verification. It gives your customers a better faith on your website. While it also gives administrator some more security by checking and approving bidder manually. 

- Auction feedback system. This allows buyers to give a feedback about the product or service he gets through bidding. This will give more credibility to the sellers to sell other products similar or different. 

- Search engine optimized website. We design auction website that is search engine optimized and can be rank higher with keywords seller is looking to get as targeted keywords. 

In the competitive online world, all your features of auction website must be striking enough to motivate people for taking positive action. Our auction web design process shows users the real time fair auction process so that your visitors gets the real-time information and fair game value. We can give power to auction website design with custom solutions so that it really works.

At Brand Core Media, we are a team of talented web designers and developers that works towards achieving client’s goal and revenue generation targets by providing value added services and latest technology. We are one of the leading Ahmedabad web design company with portfolio of varieties of websites and brand building activities. 

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