Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New Website Launch :: B. P. College Of Business Administration

B. P. College Of Business Administration is Gandhinagar based best BBA College In Gujarat that aims to provide undergraduate level commerce education for students looking to pursue their career in business management or entrepreneurship.

B. P. College Of Business Administration - Best BBA College In Gujarat

Although B. P. College Of Business Administration has an existing website, it was quite old and the institute was looking to have a new website with advance interaction and all latest features. The institute ask Brand Core Media to study the institute offerings, the points to be highlighted on the website and the other features that enhance the communication between the visitors and the college at different levels. They were also looking to enhance the brand identity for the institute for the first time visitors to show the real infrastructure and other important part of the institute.

The BPCBA people were heavily involved in the design process and they are particularly looking for a design that suits the impression of the college and speak out about the institute in a great manner. Initially designing a design concept, we work together for refining the final layouts and ensure that every page is perfect. The important aspect of the website for top BBA college in Gujarat is to create a database for alumni and make them involve with the institute’s current activities. This is was a task for developing customised registration from and allows alumni to register to it. Also there is a provision for showing announcements, news, results, academics papers and more.

What We Did:
  • -          Information architecture
  • -          Interaction with visitors
  • -          Provide online registration and participation form
  • -          Alumni database
  • -          Communication channel between students and institute
  • -          SEO friendly design
  • -          User friendly CMS

As well as encouraging students to get information online, college of business administration create new website that gives visitors the opportunities to download and view course outline, subject and semester overview, class timetable and results as well. B.P. College of Business Administration is very pleased with their new website design and features included over there, and we are looking forward to work with them on future projects as well. 

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