Monday, 16 September 2013

The Importance of Responsive Website Design

Through the technological advancements, today business organizations and industries are expanding their world of information. Small to big size organizations are finding their business and information technology solutions as capable as the larger conglomerate of business empires, by optimizing the best-in-class and latest technology. One of the major technological advancements for small scale industry is the increasing use of mobile and other handheld devices like PDAs and tablets for computing and accessing and exchanging data. In order to maintain their standards and traffic on search engine, it becomes almost compulsory for these organizations to update their current website design to responsive web design.

The Importance of Responsive Website Design
The Importance of Responsive Website Design

Why select for Responsive Website Design?

Responsive web design is nothing but a defined term that allows website designers to create a site that respond positively to all browser sizes and multiple resolutions. This means you does not requires scrolling through the long list of menu and navigation for internal pages and you can see selected content according to the browser size. Responsive web design also means a website that showcase important information like contact details, about organizations, product portfolio above the list for easy navigation. Designing through simple content base or using CMS for dynamic content, responsive website design can be made consistent with content and varieties of screen sizes. 

As an experienced Web Design Ahmedabad Company at Brand Core Media, we have been designing all aspects of successful responsive website design that integrates strategic branding, social media keys and interface for communication, SEO, database integration, E-Commerce product selling, blogging and much more. We make sure that everything that your convectional website design offers to their visitors for desktop viewing; we implement the same for mobile device experiences. We try to create a website design that your customers can access easily on the go and allows greater access to your business information. It is quite obvious that people all the time are not available on their desktop or moving with their laptops, but most of people today carry their smart phones or tablets with them all the time. Whether your customers are technology savvy or newbie for Internet usages, making available your website with responsive web design will improve your chances for visits and conversions. Also as an SEO Ahmedabad specialist we consider making site responsive to reduce bounce rate and make it usable for on the go visitors.   

The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

1. Responsive web designs are liquid in structure, meaning the content and the media files moves freely across the different screen resolutions. Also it gives the grid structure and images in fluid state to make it more easily accessible. Just like liquid structure of mass that can easily fits to any shape and size of the vessels, liquid web design of responsive website fill an allotted part of the space on browser. 

2. People are using website 24X7 and mostly they look for information while on the go. Business person look for details during the day time while the students and other people surf your site at very late night. The big advantage of using responsive website design is that it allows to surf your site from any device without much navigation and scrolling. It makes easy to surf website on the train, while eating, on the bed or so. 

3. The advantage of designing a single website that fulfils all surfing requirements from different devices is significant while comparing the same with opting for different website structure for mobile usage and desktop usage. Also with the increasing use of tablets and other handheld devices, it becomes difficult to identify the make different website for different browsers. Responsive website design is also SEO friendly website design that helps your website to rank well with single site and removing the duplicate content.

As more and more people are opted to use smart phones and tablets, the chances of usage of responsive website design improves to get more attention compare to the conventional website design. So don’t allow your competitors to go ahead and built today a responsive website for your brand or organization.

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