Wednesday, 9 January 2013

SEO Content Writing

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization and generating natural traffic to your website, content is not only king but currency nowadays. If your website has a good amount of quality content with well optimized keywords that could be beneficial to visitors, then it is more likely that your website will perform better in terms of search engine rankings.

Significance of website content in terms of search engine crawlers is measured with the quality of writing, repetition of keywords, and amount of information and freshness of the copy. If you are expecting traffic through keywords like “London tour packages” then your content needs to have details related to tourist places in and around London, festivals, attractions, tickets and weather that can help searchers to get real info and inspire them to come again to your site. Such SEO content writing also needs to be supported with relevant link building and website interlinking from similar pages. It builds synergy within the site and around the website related to your keywords. Quality SEO content writing should work in a dual way with well written and informative content useful for visitors as well as for the crawlers to get attention on your targeted keywords. Detailing your product or services demonstrates that you understand product or services you offer. This in return helps construct level of trust and boost the likelihood amongst the customers visiting your website.

SEO Content Writing Is An Ongoing Process: There are numbers of reason why SEO content writing should be an ongoing process and some of these are mentioned below.
  • Search engine keep changing the way it used to rank pages. Every now and then you can find many changes into the indexing activities. One of the last updates by Google, “Panda ” was heavily focused on content and it’s quality.
  • Link building and valuation of the link may differ from the search engine to search engine. It may possible that the value you gain for links may differ from Google to Yahoo. However, on page content is one such factor that keeps gaining significant for most of the search engines. So keep building content for your website as well as for social media channels.
  • Competitors’ content will also not stay constant – so the best way is to stay ahead in competition.
  • Social media website, blogs, review sites, local directories are also crawled and indexed by search engines – so don’t let the representation behind on these sites.

SEO strategist and SEO content writing specialist of Brand Core Media knows the value of writing for both visitors as well as for crawlers. We don’t target to write overly optimized content that looks odd to visitors whilst we still make sure your content get noticed and ranked top of the competition. Through continuously adding content on your website, both in terms of quality and quantity, you can rest assure that no matter what changes search engine brings, you will always lead the result pages.

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