Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Social Media Buzz – Optimizing Pinterest For Business

Pinterest is getting hotter for every blogger around the world. By now most of us are aware about this social media site related to image search and quick pins related to image bookmarking. Started few years back and already into the core group of top 50 websites in US, Pinterest is now in a buzz again as it allows business pages to float on it’s platform. Every blogger and Internet marketing professional is looking to optimize Pinterest, do you know why? There are certain reason like offering targeted traffic through creative images to your website for searchers and also providing high PR do-follow links that can boost any blog or website with viral traffic.
During it’s early days, Pinterest has been shown interest mainly by the female users around the world with a demographic distribution of the age between 20 to 35. However in last 6 months or so the trend has been equalized by the male members to make it fastest growing social networking site. Last month Pinterest has started allowing business pages offering improved options like website verification and badges similar to other social media sites. Social media strategist of Brand Core Media presents a quick look on how to set business page on Pinterest and how to optimize the same for your business purpose.

Web Design Essential – How To Choose The Right CMS For Your Website Design

Web design and development project starts with many critical decisions that require to be answered in the beginning. Finding the finest Ahmedabad web design company is one of the first things that people follow usually when they are building a website from such location. It gives best control over the different design and development phases and speed up the process as well. However, choosing the right platform in terms of Content Management System (CMS) for your website is equally important as choosing the right web design agency with excellent technical competency. At Brand Core Media, we always suggest our client the best CMS for their website that can give the highest result and better content management system according to client's requirement.
CMS website helps administrator in many ways as it makes the online content editing, adding and managing process very easy and fast. Deciding on particular CMS web design option mainly based on what sort of website it will going to be. Whether it is a blog, simple website, user driven forums or ecommerce shop, you can choose different options of CMS based on type of your website.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Web design company Brand Core Media unveils new website and improved services

Ahmedabad based brand strategist Brand Core Media launches it’s new website on the day of 12/12/12. The design and the content of the website reflect company’s focus on helping multinational clients to attract, engage and convert new customers online.

Ahmedabad, December 12, 2012

The brand strategist, Brand Core Media is pleased to announce that they have rebranded the company and extend it’s range of services along with the unveiling new website. At the present the company has achieve the mark of full service creative agency with the versatile portfolio of website design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and logo design services for customers in Ahmedabad, India and overseas. It was few months back when the graphic design and strategic brand management company Brand Core Media, also known as BCM has decides strengthen their focus on helping existing clients and acquire new clients for website design and SEO services. As a part of their vertical integration procedure, they apply some practical changes to hierarchy and build in-house team for new services offered.