Thursday, 23 November 2017

What is a branding agency?

There are certain questions about branding agencies. Most of the people are generally unaware about what exactly the branding agency is? How does it differ from the design agency or digital agency? what expertise does branding agencies have? And why should one invest in hiring a good branding agency?

Being a leading branding agency in Ahmedabad, let us through some light on the above questions.

Let’s start by explaining what makes the branding agency and what isn’t. For any organization to be qualify as a branding agency, it should have a team of professionals who are experts in brand strategy, design, digital and communications. If we move out the first skill then the agency would be digital or design agency and if we remove the last one then it will become a strategic consultant or planner.

However, there is nothing fundamentally wrong in either of any agency as most of the tasks are closely tied up with each other. Marking any agency of a specific type will only make a puzzle of ever discussion. For the branding work to complete collaboratively, any agency should posses a full set of creative and communication experts. The same goes with print, visual and digital communication for making the brand more reliable and close to user experience.

Neither the brand strategies, designer or digital geek creates a brand single handed. All of their efforts are requiring in synergy to make brand. If brand is body then design, digital, communication and strategy are heart, lungs and brain behind it.

Most of the time Branding Agency in Ahmedabad is called upon when something new is about to happen or initiating the change from the current one. It can be new brand, product or service, new ownership, something special like periodic discounts, brand or corporate repositioning, revitalise or simply rebranding the brand.

Also Ahmedabad branding agency can be used for strategizing product or services or even before they gets off from the drawing board. They can add value as naming the product from the stretch.

Monday, 13 July 2015

New Website Launch: Diyu's Fitness Point - The Best Fitness Center In Ahmedabad

Brand Core Media, leading branding and digital agency in Ahmedabad launched new website for it's esteemed client Diyu's Fitness Point Ahmedabad 

Website: Diyu's Fitness Point -

About Diyu's Fitness Point: Diyu's Fitness Point is one of the best and filled with latest instruments gym and fitness center located in Ahmedabad's most happening location: S.G. Highway. It provides all fitness and body shaping training under the supervision of experienced and qualified fitness professionals to guide you towards your target. At Diyu's fitness point, Ahmedabad you can get different facilities like Body Shaping and Fat Loss Training, Fitness First Training, Weight Loss Program, Aerobics, Cardio Fitness and Family Fitness Program.

Address: 2nd Floor, Heritage Building, Near TGB, S.G. Highway Ahmedabad

Contact Details: 079 3092 5807

Friday, 31 January 2014

Some Of The Costliest Keywords For Google Pay Per Click Campaign Internationally

Some of the most expensive keywords for Google PPC is mentioned below.

  • Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Loans
  • Lawyers
  • Car Insurance
  • Life Insurance 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Creative Website Design

Website design for business, brand or blogs can be an easy and effective task if done with avoiding some simple mistakes. Without an effective directive there are chances that overall web development process may increase the amount of time and money requires and might fail to give results that are expected. With proper planning and creating a right strategy for your website design, you can build a system that not only brings good traffic to your website but also helps to generate revenue through online sales.

Creative Web Design
Creative Web Design

Appealing Content: Website design with appealing and informative content not only provides interactive communication but also helps to rank on top. The reason of appealing content on any website is to make is more accessible and provide all sort of details that can help visitors. It is also difficult to achieve higher search engine rankings for your targeted keywords without proper content on your website.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mobile Web Design

Any mobile website design is actually an adaptation of original website with precisely development taking considerations of small screen operations, different screen resolutions and low speed internet.

Creating a website for ever growing mobile internet market has become necessary component of Internet marketing. Most of the web design companies offer mobile web design service with features of website automatically re-sizing accordingly the screen resolution and sizes. This special feature for any website is called “responsive web design” and it is one of the main services we offer at Brand Core Media as Ahmedabad Web Design Company.

Mobile Web Desing
Mobile Web Design

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Understanding Google Plus Marketing Strategy

With the amazing success of social media platforms and networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it was predictable that industry will see some or more potential rivals to these sites to get their pie out of larger budget companies are spending on promotions. However, there are many websites and platforms have been introduced so far, very few of them are able to get success and compete with the industry giants.

Understanding Google Plus Marketing Strategy
Understanding Google Plus Marketing Strategy

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Importance of Responsive Website Design

Through the technological advancements, today business organizations and industries are expanding their world of information. Small to big size organizations are finding their business and information technology solutions as capable as the larger conglomerate of business empires, by optimizing the best-in-class and latest technology. One of the major technological advancements for small scale industry is the increasing use of mobile and other handheld devices like PDAs and tablets for computing and accessing and exchanging data. In order to maintain their standards and traffic on search engine, it becomes almost compulsory for these organizations to update their current website design to responsive web design.

The Importance of Responsive Website Design
The Importance of Responsive Website Design