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Top Email Marketing Mistakes

Possibly, large amount of your emails are directly going into black hole. Here’s what happening to them and why.

How many email we receive every day that we just don’t read or think we will come back to them in future? How many times we unsubscribe from the email list of any sender? At times we just ignore those messages or mark them as spam to avoid future conversations. And such incidents make us to believe that email marketing is dead now or it is no longer good technique for business communication in this era of social media. There is a very rare to see email marketing campaign that is really impressive and worth to get noticed amongst the receivers.
Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Regardless of how much we spoke about “email marketing” is dying, the fact remains the otherwise. There is still a lot that email marketing can help you to introduce your business, construct relationships, create buzz and make repeat sales. However, marketers often follow some of the tricks that not acceptable as per standards and cause them in negative. Most of the times, unsuccessful email marketing is due to one of these 5 mistakes mentioned below.

1.)  Purchasing Email List: Surely it sounds tempting and instant way to build a list of thousands of subscribers, but following such often result into drawback. There is an every chance that it marks you as a spammer, it also violates CAN-SPAM act as well. The most preferred way is to choose you receiver correctly and those only who are interested to buy your services. Do not just mail your matter to everyone.

2.)  Poor Content Quality: The mistake is common most of the time. Sending tedious content and not following for grammatical errors is most cited reason why people don’t read or just unsubscribe. Content needs to be energetic; right from the very beginning and crisp enough that readers get message on a first glance. Also double check the spelling and grammar errors and other notations that create negative impression amongst the readers.

3.)    Missing Striking Subject: The best way to attract user to open your email and go through the detail is by creating subject line that strike at the first impression. For example, subject line like “3 changes that can make your email marketing better”, the reader of the mail only has to worry about the 3 changes that are suggested and nothing else. And hence there it is a good chance that he will go through the detail.   

4.)  Ignoring Mobile and Handheld Devices: A recent study shows that there is more than 75% of increase for mobile email viewership in last year. Any marketing professional working for email marketing can’t ignore this trend. No matter how attractive your subject line and quality of content is, if not optimized for small screen viewership, it is not going to be read. Do remember different small screen browser standards and use only HTML text and ALT text for images for more convenience.

5.)    Ignoring Timing and Schedule: If you email 3 times in the first week, twice the second week and then suddenly disappear from the eye of reader for weeks make readers confuse about your credibility. It is true that email marketing does not require to have a rigid schedule to be followed, however making it a habit of showing face on a regular base help readers to have faith on you. Regular frequency helps as long as readers know what to expect and when to expect from you. Also try to follow a timing at which you get the highest open ratio for your mail. Try for different timings and compare the slot where you are getting best response.

These are some of the mistakes that lead your email marketing campaign to the downfall. However marketers also need to consider other mistakes like avoiding over selling or promoting product, using some of the words that lead to spamming and not providing link to website from the email.

Sincerely, when it comes to optimizing your email marketing campaign to improve the overall readability and engagement, the opportunities are endless. And while you don’t need to be an expert of this, taking much time and considering these facts will go a long way conforming your business’s email marketing success. 

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