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SEO For Google : Free SEO Techniques That Every Company Can Apply For Better Ranking

SEO For Free
SEO For Free

There has much been told and written about getting free SEO services or optimizing your website for Google SEO for free. However, most of the companies that offer free reporting or ranking report with the competition analysis are not always the one that offers the SEO for free. Those are more of introductory offers to attract the customers and getting hired by them.  Probably there would no SEO optimization company around the world that offers SEO for free and more or less they are either interested to offer paid advisory service or offering packages as a SEO Optimization Company.

However, it is a competitive to get your website to ranks well for the targeted keywords but you can do enough in the beginning to get your website in a line that compliments most of the Search Engine standards. It improves your chances of ranking. While hiring any web design agency for your website you should consider some of the steps in advance for making your site more compatible with Google SEO standards.

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Always ask for making a site with fair and approved SEO criteria. Make sure your website built with latest HTML standards and approved codes, check your URLs and ask your website designers to add pages specific keywords to your URL. Also check image ALT tag and Title tag as this would help you in large for doing SEO for Google.

There are some other parameters for doing free SEO is like interlinking pages through Anchor Text, optimizing footer text and making best out of your head tags. Title tags like H1 to H6 are the most useful tags that show the importance of keywords for readers as well as for crawlers for your website. Do optimize all heading and sub heading on your page with H1 to H6 tags according to their importance and frequency. Another most important thing for dong free SEO is optimizing meta title and meta description. These both together gives an idea to search engine about what your website is and what are the keywords you are targeting at a large and for individual pages. Make sure you write a proper text for your meta title and meta description. Attractive meta title also give a fair message to visitors searching on Google to click on your website link. It improves your chances of getting clicks for Google SEO.

Content is one more important indicator for any website to do free SEO. Do care to write an original content which is properly optimized with keywords density. Original and quality content gives you the best chances for Google SEO.  

If you look at these parameters at a large, you will find that most of these are not so hard to execute. Just make sure while planning your website design your webdesign company in Ahmedabad looks after all these parameters and make a site that is most friendly with the Google. Following this steps will give you best chances for free SEO if your group of keywords lies with less competition. Also make sure to have some blog on your website that allows you to keep adding newer content with latest information related to subject. This proves your authority for your business and ease competition for you.

At Brand Core Media, as a leading web design and SEO company Ahmedabad we always tries to make websites with the best SEO standards and following all positive techniques to offer you quick and fair chances of ranking. For more details on SEO or getting competitive quote for your website SEO write to us at or call us on +91 982 588 1913.

Free SEO Analysis
Free SEO Analysis

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Search Engine Optimization: SEO Company Ahmedabad – Brand Core Media

SEO Company Ahmedabad
SEO Company Ahmedabad

The Role of Effective and Experienced SEO Company For Ahmedabad Business

Nevertheless where your business is situated, whether in Ahmedabad or in surrounding areas, if you are looking to get most out of your website then you need to know about the benefits of search engine optimization. SEO can prove as a currency for your organization in today’s internet saturated world. If you are not applying planned SEO for your website, then probably you aren’t making much out of the investment you have done for your website and online presence.