Friday, 12 April 2013

Useful Tips For Getting Your Website Submitted On Major Search Engines

Listing your website to major search engines and reap a business from different listings are very easy. All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below and your website is up on search engine in no time.

Listing Website On Google: Most Important

All you really require for this is to add your website URL to the link and from there you can easily invite crawlers to come to your site. However, please not that if you are already a customer of Brand Core Media, leading web design company Ahmedabad; then we have already added this for you as part of our website design and SEO Ahmedabad services.

How To Submit Your Website On Different Search Engines
How To Submit Your Website On Different Search Engines

However, it is important to remember that listing you website on Google is easy but not the fast, you need to have some patience for that. Agreed that this is the highest searched search engine and most of the people around the world use it for getting product or service they are looking for in nearby area. Our experience says that listing a new website on Google can take from 2 days to 20 for your website to get indexing on Google.

We have an experience of creating a new website and indexing it on Google in very days of time and in other cases it took over two weeks as well. If you have had hired Brand Core Media as your web design company in Ahmedabad, we make sure that your get listed on Google as soon as possible and it became search engine friendly as well. This is one of the reason that why to go with us for your next web design project in Ahmedabad. We don’t only provide web design and development service but take care of SEO as well so that once you site is ready and up in front of your customers, you not only gets better traffic but higher conversions as well.

Listing your Website On Yahoo & Bing.

Not as popular as Google, but Yahoo with Bing shares second and third position for visitors around the world for search something on Internet. is the link where you can add your site to crawl and index by Yahoo search engine. is a link that allows you to add your site to Bing and invite it to crawl your website.

We as a leading web design Ahmedabad company and search engine optimization strategist believes that web design services not only limited to provide a website that runs well for customers and owner of the site but it includes much more than that. Not only listing to some of the top search engines in the world, our website design service includes making your site integrated with social media channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn to make your presence everywhere. 

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