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Responsive Web Design By Ahmedabad Web Design Company - Brand Core Media

Year of 2012 will be remembered forever in the world of Internet as the year of emergence of responsive web design. Recent survey done on particular website found that more and more people tends to surf through their smarphones than ever, the total portion has surpass the 50% mark in western part of the world. As a leading web design company in Ahmedabad, we used to get more and more demands from our past clients as well as newer one for the development of responsive web designs.
Responsive Website - Web Design Company Ahmedabadad
Responsive Website - Web Design Company Ahmedabadad

If you own a business and runs a website that shows your Internet presence worldwide then it is crucial that you need to have a website that is responsive to multiple screen sizes and web browsers for better mobile experience. It is totally a new approach for web design process that optimised the user experience on different resolutions. Such websites that gives stronger surfing experience on mobile as well as on tablets are called responsive web design.

Fundamentally such web design allows users to navigate and read the content easily on small screen sizes. Traditionally websites that are made for the desktop viewing purposes are used for the mobile viewing as well and resulted into very small fonts that users needs to enlarge for the viewing and reading purposes. Also such websites are not comfortable with the touch screen experience. And developing a multiple websites for different browsers is not really a smart option as it requires expenses too much. The facility that responsive web design provides is that it allows users to see single website on multiple screens based on their screen resolutions.

What Makes Responsive Website Different From Traditional Website?

Responsive web design is based on the fluid grids instead of the designing it on the fixed grid structure. This fluid grid when surfed through smaller screen size squeezes itself and come up with smaller size so that viewer can see it. All responsive structure uses flexible image sizes and media queries so that user can load it faster on slow internet connection on his hand held devices.

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