Wednesday, 3 July 2013

B. P. College Of Business Administration Gandhinagar Has Launch A Brand New Interactive Website For Students.

B. P. College Of Business Administration is closely established in the year of 1999 for providing world class education to the students seeking to pursue their ambitious career into the field of business management. Since then the college is performing it’s best for preparing students that are not only qualified for further education or corporate job but give them best of the knowledge that help them to be a good leader for life.

The new website of BPCBA is featured with opinion pieces of management and administrative committee of institute and KSV University for providing best of news related to institute educational and extracurricular activities. Also the visitors of the website will be able to engage with the BPCBA College – Best BBA College In Gujarat by commenting over the blog or filling the contact form. The new website of BPCBA is prepared with adaptable layout and varied column structured design that lead the visitors easily to any page of the website with fewer clicks. It also replaces the confusing news letter procedures to know more about institute blog, views of the faculty and students and event by developing different and dedicated pages for them. With the home page and series of other pages like About Us, Faculty Profile, Infrastructure, Contact Us and Blog allows readers to brows the different section of the website that interest them the most.

The college of business administration is amogst the top BBA colleges in Gujarat and the website of it is also been tailored to reflect the same characteristic of institute. The site is designed to make it easy to access content from variety of platforms like mobile phones, PDAs, tablets, smart-phones and other internet supporting consoles.

Head at the college of business administration noted: “As one of the Gujarat’s best institute, BPCBA is an ideal source of education for business management and administration.” The website also reflects the students activities, their achievements, day to day motion and celebration organised inside the campus. While planning for developing a website for BPCBA, we were clear that it should give justice to the pedagogy of the institute by capturing it’s vibrancy through the window of digital screen. We hope people will enjoy exploring the BPCBA website and we look forward to receive their comments on the same. This website will combine educational and research material with news and events including college’s press release, results, faculty member’s research paper publication and podcast done by the students.

Senior developer of the website noted while launching a new website that “We have planned and develop a site that makes it easy for anyone who is interested about management education and want to know about the BPCBA.” A home page and series of other pages will guide the visitors to browse through the information and other links that may be for best of his interest. Content and the media files like images and video are prepared and edited by the team of BPCBA with contribution of the students and website design team.

The website will be edited by the faculty members of the college of business administration and a graduate from the institute only. While interviewing to him, he said: “We are looking forward to receive comments from the colleague, students and management committee for knowledge sharing that can help students to perform best into their college life as well as professional career.” Also the faculty members are planning to publish a guest post prepared by the expert and eminent personalities of the field to share particular knowledge and answer the queries raised by the students.

“We hope the new website of B. P. College Of Business Administration” will inform and entertain anyone who is looking to get some information regarding the BBA education in Gujarat, which are the best colleges and what are the key factors that makes BPCBA the best BBA college in Gujarat.”: said the working committee member of the college. 

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