Friday, 30 August 2013

Top SEO Mess Ups By Newbie SEO Profesional

We at Brand Core Media, as a leading Ahmedabad SEO Company eager to answer the questions that can help the experienced as well as new SEO professionals to create better online presence. If you got any questions related to website design or search engine optimisation, ask us through email. In this article our digital marketing team will answer a very fruitful question raised by one of our reader: What are the top SEO mess ups that generally observed when performed by the newbie SEO professional?

SEO Mess Ups

Lacking The Clear SEO Knowledge: Most of time SEO professional considered optimisation as behind the curtain activities like Meta Data in form of title and description, title tags, image tags, anchor text and other elements they have read or heard from the others. More often such elements only support the minor part of the entire optimisation process based on search algorithm of Google. More dependable part of the SEO is the unique and authentic content produced and published on a regular basis. Also it counts getting links from the reputed sites and creating more engaging social media presence.

Targeting Extensive on Link Building: It becomes a common practice for SEO professional to comment on any blog be it related or not to the core subject, and just for the sake of getting inbound link. It also counts utilizing all available forums that allows do-follow links, free directories and exchanging links with other sites, however most of these practice is already outdated and do nothing than just add a time to your total campaign.

Looking For SEO Shortcuts: SEO shortcuts are always going to damage your website, as you are planning to cheat the best algorithm in the world. It was possible and easy in the early days of search engine through keyword spamming, repeated and duplicates content and littering pages with lots of keywords that you are targeting to rank first. This can be called a small vision of getting internet traffic as it might helped you to rank for the dedicated keywords in the past but decreased the large context of getting organic searchers to your website.

Emphasizing Too Much On Analysis & Analytics: It is not a bad idea to analyse your website performance and get traffic details through Google Analysitcs. But, if your website structure is not proper and content of the site is not appealing and optimised properly, it won’t help you to rank well, not at least for a longer period of time. The wisdom of the search engine optimisation lies into not one but making all element of website structure accountable. As the ultimate goal of the website is it making available for people to read the content and take action.

Ignoring The Importance Of Rich Media: Using media like image, video, podcasting and other material makes your website interesting and allow people to spend more time on your website. It gives reason for visitors to understand clearly and in short duration about your product or service. Also using these rich media snippets requires investing in best practices of it’s optimization that overall helps your website to get better ranking. It will be wise to consider it as an opportunity for ranking and to get a mile ahead from the competitors.

Too Much Optimisation: Any organic and performing search engine optimisation practice is all about the focus and dedication. It would be great to select the small number of areas where one need to succeed at a once. Doing too much at a time and focusing on all possible SEO front to get higher and faster ranking is surely not amongst the right practices. We, as a SEO company Ahmedabad stays away from such process, 

Ignoring Social Media: It is a common tendency to ignore social media as it is not giving you the back-link to your website that you are looking for. However, social media has changed the concept of Internet and how people used to get engaged with any particular service provider through internet. It gives a strong reason to get associated with website and that is what the ultimate goal of any authentic SEO practice is.

We hope getting these things done will help you to get back and create a right SEO strategy for your website search engine optimisation. SEO Ahmedabad specialist, Brand Core Media always follow this credentials to obtain organic rankings for any website. 

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