Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mobile Web Design

Any mobile website design is actually an adaptation of original website with precisely development taking considerations of small screen operations, different screen resolutions and low speed internet.

Creating a website for ever growing mobile internet market has become necessary component of Internet marketing. Most of the web design companies offer mobile web design service with features of website automatically re-sizing accordingly the screen resolution and sizes. This special feature for any website is called “responsive web design” and it is one of the main services we offer at Brand Core Media as Ahmedabad Web Design Company.

Mobile Web Desing
Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Design is the new terminology that has hit the internet world, and if you are keen to make mobile website for your business then contact us today.

Most of the professional web design company offers an iPhone and Android mobile website design and development service for you offering everything from your original website even more attainable on small screens. Your website will be available for the people on them move. And the new reach will be amazing for your business to reach to the new and prospective customers.

Worldwide the number of people accessing and surfing internet through mobile phones and tablet devices are booming. Just check around you while travelling tubes or inside any restaurants and you can see people on their iPhones or Android phones interacting through apps and surfing websites. It has almost become mandatory for any business looking to grow online to have website that allow users speedy and seamless access for whatever they are looking for. While most of the people surf mobile internet on-the-go, the website needs to be efficient, orderly, stylish and above all user friendly.

At professional web design company Brand Core Media, we know the mobile world and what people are exactly looking for while they surf through the mobile internet. We get these things done for you and impart all important information while planning for mobile website design and web development. Some of our guidelines for mobile website design are mentioned below. 

- We never build our mobile website in Flash. Mobile web browsers especially for iPhones and Androids don’t support flash so it became difficult for people to surf site. 

- People surfing mobile websites are mostly looking for quick information. If you running an E-commerce website then it is quite natural that your product needs to be in front of the customer as soon as possible on mobile web design. And this is why we choose mobile web interaction with minimal and clean layout. We don’t overcrowd the page with pointless information.

- For any mobile web design simplicity is the key. It makes surfing experience better and faster. Also user can search whatever he is looking for in website in quick time. 

- We study end users goal before making any website design for mobile access. We learn how user is going to use particular website, what types of information he is looking to get from website and more. Based on this we create a grid structure and cover as many platform as possible for mobile web design. We make it thumb friendly and create as less as possible use of forms because we know how irritating it is to type on small screen. 

These are our target considerations while designing a mobile website. We use minimum elements on the web design and makes access as easy as possible. We test our mobile web designs that how users are surfing on the pages and how much success they got for getting particular information they are looking for.


If you are looking for some mobile website designer for your current website then you have come to the right address. Foremost we are web design company with experience of more than ten years and portfolio of hundreds of web design and development. We love design and work with skills and experience gained through the experience.

If you observed for web design scenario, you will find out that most of the corporate and online ventures have chosen to create mobile website for their customers to get better and faster access of information they are looking for anytime and anywhere. In future customers will not only ask for the website for desktop access, they will also demand a website that runs on multiple devices simultaneously and get details at the tip of the fingers.


1) We create your mobile website with keeping an eye on the branding purpose. We keep your website in rank with all your other marketing and communication material to get the similar look. Our team of graphic designers will ensure that all your branding falls into the same line and at no point of time we create a second opinion that creates doubt on customers’ mind. 

2) People surfing Internet on-the-go will surf through first few sites only and if your site is not there amongst top five than you really deserve less chance to get success. We keep SEO friendliness our first priority while planning for mobile web design. Getting higher ranking for your mobile website is the best thing to help you generate business and get some ROI. As SEO Ahmedabad specialist, we work on all authentic techniques that work for higher traffic generation and better rankings for targeted keywords.

3) We are quick and professional for responding any requirements or making changes to your website. We are down to earth in our attitude. Web design is not just a mean of business for us but a passion that we nurture with creating stunning and performing websites. You will also surprise looking to our quote that how affordable yet best services we offers for our client in and around your city. With us, you will get a soft and seamless design for your website.


If you are looking to push your business to newer horizons and speed up the conversion process or just looking to know more about mobile web design arena and want to talk with expert designers and developers then contact us today. 

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