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How To Get More Subscribers For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email subscribers are the currency for any well marketed email campaigns, but like budget of any other marketing campaigns; it always falls sort. Gaining more email subscribers is one of the basic things in the era where more and more people are looking to avoid emails, marking them spam or unsubscribing from the mailing list.

Smart marketers will point you that higher conversion comes through the long mailing list; however it is not true always. What they actually need is not only the quantity but the quality of the subscribers that can give them business. Selected few hundreds of subscribers can give you better business compare to wild list of people. So, where is the key to attract right kind of people for your business? And how do you find more of such people who can turn as a subscribers and be a part of your mailing list? Read on!
Running Email Marketing Campaign
Email Marketing Campaign

1.    Highlight Subscription Button on Your Website: You Must have noticed little pop-up on any website coming out with small message and blank space to add your email address. Use such techniques and ask people to subscribe to your newsletters. Make sure you make their life as easy as possible by not demanding much of the details.
2.      Motivate To Share: Motivating people to share your email with others from same interest groups, this can help you get more subscribers. However it is not as easy as it looks, it is followed by investing significant time creating quality content, using right HTML standards and optimizing email content for different devices. Simply including “Share” or “Forward” button can make a wonder for your message. You can also add buttons of social sharing like publishing content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

3.      Offer Incentive: Although creating perfect content and dropping your email to the inbox of the person can be some the ways of getting positive result, but it would be wrong to missing the importance of offering incentive or freebies for getting more customers. The rightly offered bribe can convert more visitors to your subscribers. However, the key here is incentive offered has to have good value for readers for them to read the message or forward it to someone else.   

4.      Exploit The Power of Group: People love to be in group, may be of social, professional or educational type. This is vital force to follow while looking for creating a long list of email subscribers. The best way is to harvest some group possibilities like LinkedIn special interest group, Yahoo! Groups and others. Try to communicate with more and more people to get higher attention. Do not forget the power of Social Sharing to get best advantage of mass of people.

5.       Ask For Less: People hate providing more personal information related to them. Do care that you ask only for those details that are relevant to your subscription. Do not make other blanks which people hate to answers, always make your question close ended and make minimum of data in compulsory mode.  

6.    Partner for Profit: Sometimes in the lonely world of email marketing it is profitable to partner with someone like you. Sharing mailing profile adds more subscribers for both of you and helps you gain better reach.

Following such rules and creating useful and informative content can really lead you to gain higher popularity and more reach for your campaign. Do remember that solving others’ problem is the best option for any business or marketing campaign to follow in terms of serving customers and getting repeat calls. 

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