Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Understanding Google Plus Marketing Strategy

With the amazing success of social media platforms and networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it was predictable that industry will see some or more potential rivals to these sites to get their pie out of larger budget companies are spending on promotions. However, there are many websites and platforms have been introduced so far, very few of them are able to get success and compete with the industry giants.

Understanding Google Plus Marketing Strategy
Understanding Google Plus Marketing Strategy

Out of those which have been launched as a second phase social media networking sites, Google+ has proved as unmistakable leader and challenges the set players. Comparatively new to the arena of social media, Google + have gained from their solid coding background by search engine giant and technically importance of gaining influence to search results for optimising websites. With this and lots of other features, Goggle+ offers an extraordinary valuable networking opportunity for any business.

The initial step for Google+ optimisation lies into getting overcome of it’s weakness of memorable website address. For any personal or professional Google+ profile pages, the URLs are automatically generated and contain a long strings of random numbers that are impossible to memorize manually. It makes your profile page almost impossible to surf directly to browser needs to be bookmark for future views. For any repeated viewers it is easy to do but for the first time viewers or occasional viewers it is difficult to get bookmarked every profile page they go through. While other social networking sites offers vanity URLs, Google+ problem can be overcome by using http://www.gplus.to

Next step for gaining expected coverage over the social networking users is by writing an engaging detailed bio of organization, product and services. The small detail is often the few lines of introduction that helps visitors to decide whether to add a page to his or her social circle. One thing that is very important to consider is to have an original and informative details that can attract the customers and motivate them to take desirable action. 

It is also important to use search terms and keyword reach content on the profile. This would help you company page to get upwards on search traffic. The advantage over here is that Google+ offers features for content like sorted information, bullet pointed content in lists that also makes it easy for users to read and get details for your brand or service. As an SEO Ahmedabad company and worked with hundreds of satisfied customers for first page Google rankings, we always consider Google+ beyond social media and emphasis it's potential for SEO as well. 

Another advantage of Google+ is its ability to connect with your other social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Also getting higher traffic on your Google+ page and interlinking it with your other accounts means you have a chance to get higher value in Google’s search algorithm. Additionally, Google’s search algorithm supports the active user activity over the profile page for it’s search results, gaining a good profile page with more and more users makes it easy for website to gain traffic from searched keywords.

For Facebook, large source of income is generated from the adverts and sponsored stories they run for Facebook users. It is the source of income for Facebook and it requires you to pay good amount of money to get better and targeted visibility over the Facebook users. While Google+ is totally free and the coverage totally depends on your content strategy and how many circles you can grow for your page. This in terms also gives a larger challenge for Google+ users as getting initial boost for your page is difficult. With a large challenge, this challenge of Google+ can become opportunity if handled wisely. What organizations can do is to take a help of other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn to initially make your profile more popular and promote it.

On the other side, the ability to grow your visibility without paying any amount of money makes Google+ one of the favourite social networking channels. Ultimately what one needs to do is to create a potential presence over the all social networking sites to grow their audience and generate buzz.

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