Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mobile Web Design

Any mobile website design is actually an adaptation of original website with precisely development taking considerations of small screen operations, different screen resolutions and low speed internet.

Creating a website for ever growing mobile internet market has become necessary component of Internet marketing. Most of the web design companies offer mobile web design service with features of website automatically re-sizing accordingly the screen resolution and sizes. This special feature for any website is called “responsive web design” and it is one of the main services we offer at Brand Core Media as Ahmedabad Web Design Company.

Mobile Web Desing
Mobile Web Design

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Understanding Google Plus Marketing Strategy

With the amazing success of social media platforms and networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it was predictable that industry will see some or more potential rivals to these sites to get their pie out of larger budget companies are spending on promotions. However, there are many websites and platforms have been introduced so far, very few of them are able to get success and compete with the industry giants.

Understanding Google Plus Marketing Strategy
Understanding Google Plus Marketing Strategy

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Importance of Responsive Website Design

Through the technological advancements, today business organizations and industries are expanding their world of information. Small to big size organizations are finding their business and information technology solutions as capable as the larger conglomerate of business empires, by optimizing the best-in-class and latest technology. One of the major technological advancements for small scale industry is the increasing use of mobile and other handheld devices like PDAs and tablets for computing and accessing and exchanging data. In order to maintain their standards and traffic on search engine, it becomes almost compulsory for these organizations to update their current website design to responsive web design.

The Importance of Responsive Website Design
The Importance of Responsive Website Design

Expert On-Page Optimisation Tips For Winning SEO – Part:2

Traditionally SEO for any kind of a website is divided into two main phases of on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation. Both of these points together covers what it requires to bring any website up to the organic ranking page and generate traffic for targeted keywords. With the constant changes into to crawler pattern and updating in Google algorithm, on-page SEO has gain more and more momentum compare to the past. It includes many parameters to consider for making a website fruitful and spider friendly. To make it continue from the earlier post, further important parameters for on-page SEO are mentioned below.

Source: SEO Ahmedabad Company - Brand Core Media

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation
On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Expert On-Page Optimisation Tips For Winning SEO – Part:1

There are much said and less done things about the on-page optimisation that can cater exponential results for SEO rankings, improved conversion rates, better conversations and user experience. Without proven on-page optimising techniques, it is difficult to get the expected rankings and targeted traffic that make sense for sales and conversations.

Source: SEO Ahmedabad Company - Brand Core Media 

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation
On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

Not because your competitors are spending much time and money for improving on-page SEO factors so you should also do it, but it is good for your website to get overall improvements and gain higher ROI for your organization. However, maintaining your website best for on-page search engine optimisation is not easy and requires good amount of care. Particularly for e-commerce website it is more difficult to maintain on-page SEO as there are many product pages, category pages and landing pages to handle for and it also requires to make certain changes in website structure, listing out the duplicate pages, tags and categories. Below mentioned are the on-page SEO tips that helps you win the ranking factors naturally and improve your overall optimisation practice.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Top SEO Mess Ups By Newbie SEO Profesional

We at Brand Core Media, as a leading Ahmedabad SEO Company eager to answer the questions that can help the experienced as well as new SEO professionals to create better online presence. If you got any questions related to website design or search engine optimisation, ask us through email. In this article our digital marketing team will answer a very fruitful question raised by one of our reader: What are the top SEO mess ups that generally observed when performed by the newbie SEO professional?

SEO Mess Ups

Lacking The Clear SEO Knowledge: Most of time SEO professional considered optimisation as behind the curtain activities like Meta Data in form of title and description, title tags, image tags, anchor text and other elements they have read or heard from the others. More often such elements only support the minor part of the entire optimisation process based on search algorithm of Google. More dependable part of the SEO is the unique and authentic content produced and published on a regular basis. Also it counts getting links from the reputed sites and creating more engaging social media presence.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

PHP Training In Ahmedabad

Live PHP project training in Ahmedabad offers by Brand Core Media is one of the most professional and student oriented training program designed based on the latest industrial requirements. Brand Core Media is one of the most professional web design company in Ahmedabad and perhaps the only place in Ahmedabad to choose from the various training programs. We offer PHP training program in Ahmedabad for students of MCA, M.Sc. IT and BE from basic to advanced level matched with the Gujarat Technological University syllabus and last semester project training requirements. Our PHP training course is well accompanied with live software development of PHP web development training to get you practical exposure as well.
PHP Training In Ahmedabad

Sunday, 21 July 2013


Ahmedabad WebsiteDesign Company - Brand Core Media

Ahmedabad custom web design company Brand Core Media creates and deliver performing website design and online business solutions for your business with all features you requires and design that speaks your business identity.

Brand Core Media is one of the leading Ahmedabad web design company with hundreds of website design and development portfolio. Our credentials proves us as one of the best web design company in Ahmedabad.
Custom Web Design - Web Design Ahmedabad Company

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

B. P. College Of Business Administration Gandhinagar Has Launch A Brand New Interactive Website For Students.

B. P. College Of Business Administration is closely established in the year of 1999 for providing world class education to the students seeking to pursue their ambitious career into the field of business management. Since then the college is performing it’s best for preparing students that are not only qualified for further education or corporate job but give them best of the knowledge that help them to be a good leader for life.

The new website of BPCBA is featured with opinion pieces of management and administrative committee of institute and KSV University for providing best of news related to institute educational and extracurricular activities. Also the visitors of the website will be able to engage with the BPCBA College – Best BBA College In Gujarat by commenting over the blog or filling the contact form. The new website of BPCBA is prepared with adaptable layout and varied column structured design that lead the visitors easily to any page of the website with fewer clicks. It also replaces the confusing news letter procedures to know more about institute blog, views of the faculty and students and event by developing different and dedicated pages for them. With the home page and series of other pages like About Us, Faculty Profile, Infrastructure, Contact Us and Blog allows readers to brows the different section of the website that interest them the most.

New Website Launch :: B. P. College Of Business Administration

B. P. College Of Business Administration is Gandhinagar based best BBA College In Gujarat that aims to provide undergraduate level commerce education for students looking to pursue their career in business management or entrepreneurship.

B. P. College Of Business Administration - Best BBA College In Gujarat

Although B. P. College Of Business Administration has an existing website, it was quite old and the institute was looking to have a new website with advance interaction and all latest features. The institute ask Brand Core Media to study the institute offerings, the points to be highlighted on the website and the other features that enhance the communication between the visitors and the college at different levels. They were also looking to enhance the brand identity for the institute for the first time visitors to show the real infrastructure and other important part of the institute.

Monday, 6 May 2013


Brand Core Media, Ahmedabad based web design company stands out in creating an auction website design that performs for various customers with multiple auction systems. We at Brand Core Media understand the challenges companies meet when they plan to prepare a site for online auction. And based on that requirement, we create a solution that needed for achieving target performance.
Auction Website Design
Auction Website Design

Over the past decade websites like eBay and Amazon have used the process of online auction to turn the trend as practical business process. Other companies around the world from different verticals and of every dimension have applied the same fundamental of online auction with variables to create an additional revenue generation option.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Responsive Web Design By Ahmedabad Web Design Company - Brand Core Media

Year of 2012 will be remembered forever in the world of Internet as the year of emergence of responsive web design. Recent survey done on particular website found that more and more people tends to surf through their smarphones than ever, the total portion has surpass the 50% mark in western part of the world. As a leading web design company in Ahmedabad, we used to get more and more demands from our past clients as well as newer one for the development of responsive web designs.
Responsive Website - Web Design Company Ahmedabadad
Responsive Website - Web Design Company Ahmedabadad

If you own a business and runs a website that shows your Internet presence worldwide then it is crucial that you need to have a website that is responsive to multiple screen sizes and web browsers for better mobile experience. It is totally a new approach for web design process that optimised the user experience on different resolutions. Such websites that gives stronger surfing experience on mobile as well as on tablets are called responsive web design.

Fundamental Elements Of Successful Web Design Process

There is much more to any performing web design than just giving it an appealing look. There is no doubt that website needs to be eye catching first to attract the visitors’ consideration. But when you list out the other elements that you need for the website design for the website’s success, the list is long apart and includes so many things. However, there are certain things that needs to be in every web design for it’s fundamental success. As a experienced web design Ahmedabad company, we deliver what exactly requires for bringing success to your website. 
Web Design Ahmedabad Company
Web Design Ahmedabad Company

First and the foremost things for any website to grab an attention of the visitors, it requires to load quickly. Worldwide research shows that most websites lost visitors because of it’s slow loading speed. Another important factor that needs to be in your website is easy to understand navigation and showing the key factors on the front. Remember the visitors are always in a hurry when they visit your website and if they found it more time consuming to find whatever they are looking for, they will move on to another site or probably bounce from yours website. No less important is of having web design consistent with the company image and overall branding of the company into the other medium. Make sure your website falls into the line of your other marketing practices.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Beating Competition Online Through Professional Website Design

No one wants to get a sloppy and low quality website design services for their organizations. Everyone is looking to get only the best in class website that they want to pay for. And this is why most of the people compare the different services offered by the website design company to them before they finalize with whom they want to continue. Professional website design is one of the basic requirements for any organization to have whey they are looking to get customers online and sell product or services beyond the physical boundaries.
Professional Web Design Company Ahmedabad
Professional Web Design Company Ahmedabad

Online scenario is changing super fast and the competition between the businesses online is growing at a rapid rate. Most of the businesses are trying every trick from here and there to get the upper hand against their competitors on Internet. They consult strategist, employ marketing organizations, create brand strategy, and work with SEO firms to help them create the best website online in order to attract more and more customers. When organizations hire such people to perform their online task that could be beneficial for them on a longer run, they expect nothing but the best service from them for their website at a reasonable price. We as a leading website design company in Ahmedabad always utilize to work with the best strategy and transparent atmosphere where our clients are welcome to participate in each and everything we do for them.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Useful Tips For Getting Your Website Submitted On Major Search Engines

Listing your website to major search engines and reap a business from different listings are very easy. All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below and your website is up on search engine in no time.

Listing Website On Google: Most Important

All you really require for this is to add your website URL to the link and from there you can easily invite crawlers to come to your site. However, please not that if you are already a customer of Brand Core Media, leading web design company Ahmedabad; then we have already added this for you as part of our website design and SEO Ahmedabad services.

How To Submit Your Website On Different Search Engines
How To Submit Your Website On Different Search Engines

However, it is important to remember that listing you website on Google is easy but not the fast, you need to have some patience for that. Agreed that this is the highest searched search engine and most of the people around the world use it for getting product or service they are looking for in nearby area. Our experience says that listing a new website on Google can take from 2 days to 20 for your website to get indexing on Google.

Web Design Company Ahmedabad – A Guide To Choose The Right Company

Many organizations in Ahmedabad use Internet as a tool nowadays to boost their online presence and have higher ROI. This is mainly because Internet is one of the cost effective marketing medium than any other advertising in the world. And if this medium is optimized correctly, it can make wonders for any company.
Web Design Company Ahmedabad
Web Design Company Ahmedabad

In general, web design companies in Ahmedabad are more trusted rather than wasting time or offering a task to any freelancers. It requires time and lot of knowledge about the field for making any website that looks cool and works professionally on Internet. However, still there are organisations that don’t believe it this and opt for the self designing process. What these organizations have to do in real is to talk with web design company Ahmedabad and choose the final one that ensures your success on all online mediums and won’t waste your time and money.

Finalizing web design company in Ahmedabad is always as difficult as choosing the right architect or interior designer for your home or office. Here are some of the guidelines that you might want to follow so that you end-up with right company for you.

  • Choose a company that has experience in website designing. Most of the time it is right that older is wiser in this business, but you can trust upon the younger and dynamic company based on their talent and portfolio. However, keep in mind that early risers and pioneer in this business cannot be count out that easily. 
  • Look for the portfolio. Ask company to showcase their work. Ask them what types of website design process they have handled so far and how much they are performing as of now. Ask them to do some primary research on users’ profile, competition and keywords that you need to optimize on later stage.
  • References – Nothing wrong about asking your web design company in Ahmedabad for past clients and their details. Communicating with them you can know that how well web designer have worked to satisfy that client and how much time they have took based on their earlier promise? You can also ask how much they are accessible and can they be trusted on their words or not?
  • Ask them about their knowledge for search engine optimization. Though you might not be looking to start SEO activities to be started soon, it is necessary for any website designers to create a site that is crawler friendly and based on the SEO parameters of heading tags, bold and italic text, hyper links, image optimization and many more. Doing this will give you an confidence that your website not only looks great but produces good results as well.

Choosing a right website design company in Ahmedabad may be tricky, but keeping these factors in mind can be a key to success for your brand on online medium. Right website design can work as a trusted employee and can generate a good source of income as well. So, choose wisely and go through this simple guide for making final decision. 

Brand Core Media is one such web design Ahmedabad company that works with great passion about creating appealing and performing website not only for individuals and small business houses but for big corporate as well. 

Friday, 22 March 2013

SEO For Google : Free SEO Techniques That Every Company Can Apply For Better Ranking

SEO For Free
SEO For Free

There has much been told and written about getting free SEO services or optimizing your website for Google SEO for free. However, most of the companies that offer free reporting or ranking report with the competition analysis are not always the one that offers the SEO for free. Those are more of introductory offers to attract the customers and getting hired by them.  Probably there would no SEO optimization company around the world that offers SEO for free and more or less they are either interested to offer paid advisory service or offering packages as a SEO Optimization Company.

However, it is a competitive to get your website to ranks well for the targeted keywords but you can do enough in the beginning to get your website in a line that compliments most of the Search Engine standards. It improves your chances of ranking. While hiring any web design agency for your website you should consider some of the steps in advance for making your site more compatible with Google SEO standards.

Brand Core Media Blog
Visit Latest Brand Core Media Blog 
Always ask for making a site with fair and approved SEO criteria. Make sure your website built with latest HTML standards and approved codes, check your URLs and ask your website designers to add pages specific keywords to your URL. Also check image ALT tag and Title tag as this would help you in large for doing SEO for Google.

There are some other parameters for doing free SEO is like interlinking pages through Anchor Text, optimizing footer text and making best out of your head tags. Title tags like H1 to H6 are the most useful tags that show the importance of keywords for readers as well as for crawlers for your website. Do optimize all heading and sub heading on your page with H1 to H6 tags according to their importance and frequency. Another most important thing for dong free SEO is optimizing meta title and meta description. These both together gives an idea to search engine about what your website is and what are the keywords you are targeting at a large and for individual pages. Make sure you write a proper text for your meta title and meta description. Attractive meta title also give a fair message to visitors searching on Google to click on your website link. It improves your chances of getting clicks for Google SEO.

Content is one more important indicator for any website to do free SEO. Do care to write an original content which is properly optimized with keywords density. Original and quality content gives you the best chances for Google SEO.  

If you look at these parameters at a large, you will find that most of these are not so hard to execute. Just make sure while planning your website design your webdesign company in Ahmedabad looks after all these parameters and make a site that is most friendly with the Google. Following this steps will give you best chances for free SEO if your group of keywords lies with less competition. Also make sure to have some blog on your website that allows you to keep adding newer content with latest information related to subject. This proves your authority for your business and ease competition for you.

At Brand Core Media, as a leading web design and SEO company Ahmedabad we always tries to make websites with the best SEO standards and following all positive techniques to offer you quick and fair chances of ranking. For more details on SEO or getting competitive quote for your website SEO write to us at or call us on +91 982 588 1913.

Free SEO Analysis
Free SEO Analysis

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Search Engine Optimization: SEO Company Ahmedabad – Brand Core Media

SEO Company Ahmedabad
SEO Company Ahmedabad

The Role of Effective and Experienced SEO Company For Ahmedabad Business

Nevertheless where your business is situated, whether in Ahmedabad or in surrounding areas, if you are looking to get most out of your website then you need to know about the benefits of search engine optimization. SEO can prove as a currency for your organization in today’s internet saturated world. If you are not applying planned SEO for your website, then probably you aren’t making much out of the investment you have done for your website and online presence.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Top Reasons Why Business Houses Need SEO Ahmedabad Services

Ahmedabad SEO Company
Ahmedabad SEO Company
Voices Supporting SEO Services For Your Business.

With stronger presence on search engines for your targeted keywords there are higher changes that more and dedicated traffic will draw towards your website and eventually benefit your business. Ahmedabad SEO Company helps diversified business to increase their search engine ranking through customised strategies and professional resources. With our authentic and tested search engine optimized techniques, a business can expect numbers of benefits like increased traffic, dedicated visitors, less drop down ration and better online conversions.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Blog Marketing

Well, we are already into 2013 and marketers are already on upfront for looking something that can build their fortune for getting eyeballs within Internet blogosphere. Towards this notion more and more people have started optimizing social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for more concentrated communication. However, there is a huge chance of delusion when you think about getting people to know what your typical specialty is through social media. Though there are certain ways through which you can make your factor counts like building blog that represents your organization and equally making it famous through email marketing.

Promoting your business through blog is not that hard and what it requires more is being persistent for your blog writing. Counting on serious promotion does not allow you to just write any post and forget about it. You need to continue update your blog and share with maximum people to make it popular. Making it valuable that more and more like to read is another priority that needs to be followed. There are certain ways for marketing your blog and turning it more interesting.

Tips To Create A Good Looking Professional Website That Generates More Business

We live in an age where the reach and attention is very short period and being observed thoroughly indicates standing out from the crowd. Being an entrepreneur or a marketing professional, you are much aware that getting more attention to your website, generating higher traffic and converting them as a successful lead that generate sales is how much important. And the most important part of doing that is having a Professional website that looks great and captures visitors’ attention. 
Professional Website Design
Importance of Professional Website Design

To achieve this one needs to be decisive for selecting and hiring professional Ahmedabad web design company that fulfills the requirements of sales content and creative design. Most of the time it is observed that people keeps aware about the business matters and don’t invest much time for their website. If you are little about creating and maintaining website and gaining business through it, the best way is to hire some professional website design agency to handle that part. It also make simple for you to invest time in other details and for an agency to work with your website design to create appealing communication tool that drives more traffic and generate more sales through website.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

How To Get More Subscribers For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email subscribers are the currency for any well marketed email campaigns, but like budget of any other marketing campaigns; it always falls sort. Gaining more email subscribers is one of the basic things in the era where more and more people are looking to avoid emails, marking them spam or unsubscribing from the mailing list.

Smart marketers will point you that higher conversion comes through the long mailing list; however it is not true always. What they actually need is not only the quantity but the quality of the subscribers that can give them business. Selected few hundreds of subscribers can give you better business compare to wild list of people. So, where is the key to attract right kind of people for your business? And how do you find more of such people who can turn as a subscribers and be a part of your mailing list? Read on!
Running Email Marketing Campaign
Email Marketing Campaign

1.    Highlight Subscription Button on Your Website: You Must have noticed little pop-up on any website coming out with small message and blank space to add your email address. Use such techniques and ask people to subscribe to your newsletters. Make sure you make their life as easy as possible by not demanding much of the details.

Top Email Marketing Mistakes

Possibly, large amount of your emails are directly going into black hole. Here’s what happening to them and why.

How many email we receive every day that we just don’t read or think we will come back to them in future? How many times we unsubscribe from the email list of any sender? At times we just ignore those messages or mark them as spam to avoid future conversations. And such incidents make us to believe that email marketing is dead now or it is no longer good technique for business communication in this era of social media. There is a very rare to see email marketing campaign that is really impressive and worth to get noticed amongst the receivers.
Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Regardless of how much we spoke about “email marketing” is dying, the fact remains the otherwise. There is still a lot that email marketing can help you to introduce your business, construct relationships, create buzz and make repeat sales. However, marketers often follow some of the tricks that not acceptable as per standards and cause them in negative. Most of the times, unsuccessful email marketing is due to one of these 5 mistakes mentioned below.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Ahmedabad SEO Company – Making A Mark

The internet has revolutionized the concept of doing business and communicating with customers. Many business activities are now directly run through the Internet and also making a fast advances as well. It provides easy and cost effective medium to stay on the top of competition and spread a buzz. However, the best solution can be provided by the professional Ahmedabad SEO company Brand Core Media.
Brand Core Media - Ahmedabad SEO
Brand Core Media - Ahmedabad SEO

Ahmedabad SEO company Brand Core Media has made a march in the Internet world of doing business with the techniques of authentic optimization to promote website for top quality keywords. The company has also made it easier for any website the process of increasing traffic and getting continuous rankings. Here are some of the techniques that have been followed by Brand Core Media that makes it apart from the other similar companies.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Professional SEO Content Writing Service

SEO content writing is one of the most important services that every business website needs to hire these days. It helps you to get good business not only through the Search Engine Rankings but also helps to create better credibility as well. SEO Content Writing helps the business website to stay ahead in competition by optimizing content in a right way for targeted keywords. It makes your website rank higher on search result pages. 
SEO Content Writing
SEO Content Writing

Search engine optimized content writing for your website means that content has the right amount of keywords with similar phrases and added with correct grammatical insertions to make spider an easy job to remember your website and presenting on the search pages.  And this is well done by hiring some professional and experienced SEO content writing agency that makes regular content for your website and also for off-page submissions like social media, article submission sites, PR websites, and blog positing and directory submissions. Creating unique content for these websites is not easy and it requires lots of research and knowledge of identifying right keyword for any business. Such agencies also works with SEO Strategist that help you identify the right source of your customers and designing content marketing strategies for your website to rank fast and secure way.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

SEO Content Writing

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization and generating natural traffic to your website, content is not only king but currency nowadays. If your website has a good amount of quality content with well optimized keywords that could be beneficial to visitors, then it is more likely that your website will perform better in terms of search engine rankings.